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 OPEN PLAYDATE ON THE FLY, August 1st at Bad Karma!

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PostSubject: OPEN PLAYDATE ON THE FLY, August 1st at Bad Karma!   Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:26 pm

Hosted by Point Blank Airsoft:

This event is taking the place of the No Allegiance game previously planned on this date.

This game is OPEN to EVERYONE.

Gates open at 0730

Games start at 0900, it gets hot quickly out here so I would love to get in some Airsoft before people start dying. When I say 0900 I mean 0900, no more waiting around for people. I mean the first briefing and players hitting the field will start at exactly 0900!!! Seriously.

Sanctioned games end around 1500

*People not prepared will be asked to leave and will be considered trespassing.

*Field donations also being accepted and are appreciated. This goes to the BK guys, not to PBA.

Point Blank Airsoft will be on site selling limited Airsoft Supplies and refreshments.
*Rentals Available upon request.

Referee Volunteers Needed! I need around 3, you will be compensated with an exclusive Point Blank Airsoft T-Shirt.

I am looking to kick these games off right, no more standing around waiting or confusing objectives or scenarios. Consider this a precursor to my August 22nd Open Playdate.

Teams will be split up according to Admin discretion, I will keep small groups together as much as possible but no worries on Camo requirements. You will be taped off according to how I see fit, please no bitching. For the most part camo patterns will be kept together, within reason. This is to keep the games fair and hopefully get you to play against people of different skill levels and get to know some new faces.

Also needed for the Open Playdate are commanders (officers) for each team.

Seeking for each team the following: Requests can be made via PM to myself, first come first serve, by the way, you keep your bars as a memento to either a great days victory or slaughter. Be sure to say UN or Rebels.

1st Lieutenant

These are officer roles that will play vital roles throughout the day when it comes to objectives and logistics.

For all intensive purposes the taped team will be considered UN and the non taped team will be considered Rebels (of what, I don’t know!).
I will not be playing to ensure that the games run smoothly.

Please indicate your interest in the thread, I need the players help to get these things off the ground. To have a great day I need bodies willing to play Airsoft. I have some great stuff lined up and all I need is players to fill it. We will not be playing the standard games that you are used to, nor will I make the scenarios to difficult to understand. These are standard play scenarios that I have gathered from similar West Coast games that I have attended that I think will be lots of fun. I hope you guys enjoy them.

See you out.

My name is in White for a reason...
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OPEN PLAYDATE ON THE FLY, August 1st at Bad Karma!
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