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 Operation Lost Gemini I.5

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PostSubject: Operation Lost Gemini I.5   Sun May 10, 2009 4:24 pm

Operation Lost Gemini I.5
July 11.2009
10:00am – 3:00pm
Bad Karma Airsoft Field

Conflict Zone: Southern Turkey

Intel to be received at OP

14 Player Cap

With UN interest being gained in the matter of American intervention in the Eastern World the United States plans to move its Pacific Fleet to the Atlantic and station a large amount of troops in Western Europe. The primary objective, get the patriot missile system back in US hands, the first team to be deployed is Seal Team 9. They have been dropped in the area to secure the missile defense network and reestablish a base of operations there for the soon coming US forces. The facility has been gridded out into one primary installation and two secondary installations. Gaining this missile network back is vital to US forces launching an attack into the heartland of Russian. Though just as the Seal Team lands they receive word of possible Russian aggressive forces in Russia, they know that should the missile defense network be activated that it will play a vital role in the conflict that is soon to ensue, should they fail their mission the missile defense network will most likely be used against US forces stationed in Europe.

This is to settle an age long dispute some members are having as to who kicks the most ass, this should settle it up for everyone. See you out. Oh yeah, if you want to come you have to be invited, requests can be made in person or via private message.
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Operation Lost Gemini I.5
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