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 Operation Lost Gemini

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PostSubject: Operation Lost Gemini   Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:41 pm

Operation Lost Gemini

Cost: $25

Core Team Members fee is waived.

Date: 04.25.09

Time: 0800 - 1400

Location: Bad Karma Airsoft Field

Sponsored By: Point Blank Airsoft

FPS and range restrictions do not apply and chrono will be waived within reason.

This is an open event (*age limit waived, please note.)

An original waiver for Point Blank Airsoft’s 2009 season will be required on file to play.

Bring your own meal.

*This event is open to anyone interested, please contact or stop by the shop for further information on how to sign up.

*Prize support included.

Operation Lost Gemini:
Washington states that it still has a vested interest in containing Communism yet congress and Barak Obama had a different approach. Under the supervision of Robert Gates, secretary of defense this matter has been given a Top Secret listing. It was a small group of Army Delta that was dispatched to neutralize the leader of a Chechnyan militia that was planning to attack a small Russian military outpost. The United States launches an attack on a small Chechnyan town in hopes that the attack will be considered a Russian assault on a Chechnyan compound, placing blame on Russia for the unprecedented attacks. Russia itself launches its assault on the compound fearing an attack from the Chechnyan separatists. Army Delta finds itself compromised on both angels. It would call for extraction but Uniform Warhawk is not responding.

Signups are as follows:

Army Delta: 8 members
Army Delta troops should be well vested veterans in the sport of Airsoft, this is an elite element that is highly outnumbered. Their prize support will reflect this likesign.

Acceptable forms of camo include the army ACU and/or Ghillie Suits.

Chechnya : 20 members
This is a mass horde of rebels that are not well trained and don't really have a mass form of tactics or real organization. It is recommended that this group be less combat effective and would be best that these players remain fairly new to the sport of airsoft.

Can Wear any camo pattern not used by other forces, civilian attire is also permitted within reason.

Spetsnaz: 12 members
This is your general combat group that is advised to have a better understanding on how airsoft works and how to play as a team or group.

Can wear digital woodland camo and traditional woodland camo.

*Camo schemes are loosely presented and any ideas are up for approval. Just let us know what you have.

Total signup tally is going to be 40 members.

The games will be designed around a Point System over a series of 6 games. Simply put, the team at the end of the day that has the most points wins.

We are keeping the player limit to 40 due to it being the first game in a series. More players will be allotted as the games progress in the near future.
Updates will be posted on the website as to who has signed up and paid, registration will not appear until payment and waiver has been received. Waivers available at Point Blank Airsoft, preferred method of payment will be cash or debit/credit in person. Also I will be at major events where I can take cash or debit/credit there also.

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Operation Lost Gemini
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