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 Operation Lost Gemini II: A World Hostage

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PostSubject: Operation Lost Gemini II: A World Hostage   Sun May 10, 2009 4:33 pm

Signups go live on Monday May 4th @ 1300.

Operation Lost Gemini II
Cost: $45 for standard participation and food included.
Those participating in OP: Lost Gemini I are $25 per person.
Those on Point Blank Airsoft Core Team fees are waived.
Date: 11.06.09 – 11.07.09
Time: (CHECK IN TIME - 2200)
OP: 0400 - 1300
Location: Bad Karma Airsoft Field
Sponsored By: Point Blank Airsoft
An original waiver for Point Blank Airsoft’s or Bad Karma 2009 season will be required on file to play.
Catering will be provided by CBQ BBQ located in Smyrna, Tennessee.
This event will consist of two fire missions, one primary mission lasting a greater part of the morning then a second one lasting slightly over an hour to conclude OP: LG II’s story.

*This event is open to anyone interested; please contact or stop by the shop for further information on how to sign up.
Prize support included.

Operation Lost Gemini II:

Signups are as follows:
US Forces:
Army Rangers x 26
Army Delta x 8
Navy Seals x 6

Russian Forces:
Spetsnaz x 30
FSB x 2
Australian SAS x 8
Total signup tally is going to be 80 members.
This is a pay to play event please note, there will be an allotment of troops to the max limit. Should more players decide to join after registration is complete or filled you will be added to either Army Rangers or Spetsnaz. No player left behind.

You will not be placed on the official list until you are registered, which includes both signup and paid. Walk-Ins welcome.

The aftermath of Operation Lost Gemini I has left the Russian Military on high alert. It has been determined by a UN observer that an American Spacecraft or part of a spacecraft crash landed near the town of Kizlyar. Chechnya, fearing it be a Russian attack sent troops to the area to gather more Intel. Russia dispatched a light armored recon element of Spetsnaz to determine what had fallen from the sky. Both forces where engaged by what could and was later inevitably determined to be a special forces unit of United States Army Delta, operating in the area to recover the spacecraft, which they were successful in doing. No Intel was gathered as to the nature of the spacecraft. Spetsnaz was able to capture Capitan Markus A. Travis, a logistics officer during the raid on Kizlyar. He was later returned by Russian Authorities to a small military installation in Turkey where he later died from his injuries.

UN Standpoint:
Due to the recent civil and military unrest in the region, especially due to the escalated situation in Kizlyar which our war committee has determined and placed blame on NATO Forces operating in the region, it has been requested that the United States offer up an official statement as to its actions in the region. It is undisputable as to the nature and mission of the forces in Russia. It has also been further determined that US and NATO forces intended on creating hostilities between the Russian and Chechen entities. A UN response to this matter is to send peacekeepers to the area. Chechnya has sought many times before for an ultimatum to become sovereign nation. It has become unanimous that should and shall Chechnya allow Russian occupation that the Chechens will be granted protection by those forces and an economic sanction will be given for Chechen goods to Russia in exchange for their occupation. As to the matter of the United States, it has been revised and reviewed that the military presence throughout the world I the forms of both military bases and the Navy is in terms of pure definition an intimidation attempt on the world. The UN not only purposes yet passes a mandate stating that the World Bank shall grant loans to countries wishing to “buy out” these military bases and occupations. Germany’s debt shall be forgiven granted that it remains a contributing member of the European Union. It is finally declared that any naval presence outside of the Philippines and Japan shall be considered an act of military aggression against both Russia and its newly formed ally, Chechnya, but against the mandate passed by the United Nations in response to the blatant disregard for diplomacy in the United States foreign policy. Any failure to comply constitutes an act of war.

The United States Standpoint:
From the desk of Barak Obama; “We had no intention of a hostile engagement in the city of Kizlyar. We do not nor will attempt to argue the matter of troops being present in the area, we do however stand behind the driven point that they were not told to, ordered to, or persuaded to fire upon any indigenous forces in the area. Our attempt to regain vital Intel from fallen satellite debris was a matter that The Untied States firmly believes was its own matter and getting other forces involved would have been a possible leak in Intel on our military’s part. As to the matter of our military presence around the world, we simply hold garrison in our trade partners countries and no hostilities are implied by our forces being present. Our Navel Forces have not nor will be ordered to lessen their presence nor strengthen it in any areas of our Pacific Fleet. We will however heighten our military presence in areas that the Russians have heightened their military activities along our borders.

The Russian Standpoint:
We have readied their missile platoons along the Alaskan border and have also sent teams to northern Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey to secure missile defense platforms. We feared that the missile platforms could be used against us. Our counsel has also placed us in a default state of war with the United States given the situation. One of our officers was killed by what has been confirmed to be American fire. You took a decommissioned military installation from our forces and held for the latter part of the day to call for extraction. These men should be prosecuted for crimes against the Russian and Newly founded Chechen people. Instead they were extracted and harbored by your government. This injustice will not go unpunished, if the United States expects the Russian government not to respond to the events that occurred they are gravely mistaken.

Military Transport plane, a C-130 was shot down leaving the Philliapeans for a compound in Alaska. The Navy has been on high alert after the matter. The culprit is still unknown though US forces are blaming the Russians, especially after the believed cargo was the alleged Delta Team that lead a raid along the Russian Chechen border. Also the military has confirmed a high altitude reconnasance aircraft passing in and out of radar over Greenland, its identity or mission is still unknown. The US has also lost control of its missile defense network in Eastern Turkey. Six military vessels were also spotted leaving Queen’s Cape in Australia. The fleet has not been seen for going on a week now. Russian forces have also been spotted by civilians landing in small numbers in the southern areas of Alaska. The US military is on heightened alert but fears more incursions due to the solar activities that present a major issue when it comes to radar and infrared. The USS Washington prepares to launch its prototype stealth fighter over Europe later today, so far it has not been confirmed if the aircraft was carrying any weaponry or just surveillance gear. The US has also dispatched Navy Seals to southern Alaska to determine the threat level of any possible invading forces. The US has determined that a default state of war will be granted to the military by congress should any foreign forces be found in Alaska.


1645 Navy Seals find a small FOB located just outside of Anchorage in the foothills. It includes a radar jamming station and dual sponson missile platforms for defensive use. It was called in and the United States military prepares to respond, 3 hours later the matter goes public and hits the press, the military forces where found missing, their FOB gone and no trace of where they might have gone.

0145 An Australian battle group in the Atlantic Ocean fires upon and sinks Coast Guard cruiser and helicopter just off the Alaskan coast.

0200 Kenai Municipal Airport falls to Australian SAS Airborne Unit

0205 Campbell Airfield falls to Russian Spetsnaz Airdrop

0210 Elmendorf Airforce Base spots low level reconnaissance helicopter and fires upon it with non targeting weaponry but fails to bring it down.

0215 Fort Richardson goes on full alert and the city of Anchorage goes to Martial Law and evacuation attempts by highway are made. Squadron of F-16s scrambled for takeoff but are shotdown in the process of taking off by Australian F-22 Fighters.

0245 Spatsnaz Forces setup a new FOB at the Navy Defense building in downtown Anchorage.

0300 Radar Jamming Array and Automated Missile Network go live from Spetsnaz HQ.

0310 Army Rangers Joint Task Force Land via Black Hawk Helicopter at Fort Richardson to reinforce garrison.

0335 Washington notified of the Hostile Landing in Alaska, United States broadcasts an emergency broadcast throughout the nation declaring a state of war with both Russia and Australia. Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin declares a State of Emergency raising the Alaskan National Guard to its defense, mobilizing out of Juneau, Alaska.

0345 Jets heard over the city of Anchorage and missile strikes on power stations follow, the city goes dark with the exception of Fort Richardson, Elmendorf AFB, and the Navy Defense Building.

0355 Helicopters arrive dropping Australian SAS troops into downtown Anchorage, Russian Spetsnaz Mobilize towards Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Airforce Base.
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Operation Lost Gemini II: A World Hostage
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