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 Operation Iron Will

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PostSubject: Operation Iron Will   Mon May 11, 2009 4:22 pm

Operation Raptor 43 (Four Three) Down

On 2-7-2009 a two ship flight of American RF-16’s conducting high speed low level photo reconnaissance near Berdsk was engaged by Russian SA-12A Gladiator surface to air missile systems. Both RF-16’s deployed countermeasures and climbed into cloud cover. The flight of four Gladiator missiles appeared to attain target lock and tracked normally into the cloud cover where a fire was sighted. A parachute was later sighted.

The last radio transmission received from the lead RF-16 call sign Raptor Four Three was “All systems failing, cockpit engulfed in flames, I'm out”

USAF-R Captain Terrence G. Arbuckle is missing. The Russian military claims no pilot has been captured but confirms the destruction of an RF-16.

USEUCOM has determined Captain Arbuckle is alive and being held somewhere in the region. Elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade have been selected to conduct a deep penetration raid to find, secure the release of Captain Arbuckle and bring him home.

There will be no resupply available. US forces will only have what they can carry with them to execute this mission.

Russian forces operating in the area are on alert. Supplies are not an issue. More American prisoners would make for a major international media event favoring Russia.

this is a milsim op. Objectives will be given at briefing for each teams.
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Operation Iron Will
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