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 Operation Global Conflict

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PostSubject: Operation Global Conflict   Tue May 12, 2009 5:19 pm

Operation Global Conflict II
7 months ago:

The worlds worst fear came to life. Communists forces rose up and launched an all out assualt across Europe. Coalition and NPCP forces first slugged it out across Fulda, Germany. Since then, most of the world became a battleground for the Coalition and the NPCP to fight for control of the free world. Though Coalition forces are holding their ground, the might of the NPCP holds a great advantage over them. Nuclear war is feared, and the main force of both sides controls the majority of the wordls nuclear armament.

With their success at Fulda, and their steady attack across Europe, they now control most of Western Europe. Much of the old Soviet Union has been restored, and all of Mainland Asia has been taken, making all seem lost for the remaining free governments of the world. The seas are torn with naval battles, Hawaii is expected to be lost in a week. Intelligience believes that Alaska will be the first target for an attack on North America. With Russian forces mobilizing throughout Norway and Sweden, the East coast of Great Britain has been evacuated and the Royal family has been moved to a top secret location. Almost the entire Air National Guard is operationg under Civil Air Patrol over most U.S. Major cities. and AWACS aircraft are operating almost constantly off the US coast. The President has issued a national state of emergency, and declared a nationwide curfew of 10 pm for all non-service and military personel. With the free world preparing for the worst possible event ever, the Coalition has devised a plan to stop the NPCP campaign across Europe. Reconnaissiance shows a large Forward Operating Base 15 miles over the former Ukrainian border, and it appears to have nuclear launch capabilities, but no nuclear ordance has been seen. This has provoked Coalition leaders to launch a full scale attack on the location before nuclear weapons can moved there.
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Operation Global Conflict
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