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 Columbian Blend V at Bad Karma.

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PostSubject: Columbian Blend V at Bad Karma.   Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:22 pm




September 19th, 2009

8AM Until around 9:30PM As usual, it is suggested that teams be at the field by 7AM to get ready and be ready to roll AT 8AM

Cost to play: $35 per person (includes lunch and dinner and two (2) FREE tickets to the raffle.
As usual, you may buy additional raffle tickets for $5 each. Remember, it all goes to the field and based on some feedback I got from Airsoft wholesalers about Noob Day, the raffle should be better than it ever has and that's saying something

Sign ups:
June 5th at 5PM the forum will open and the "OFFICIAL SIGN UP THREAD" will unlock. You may sign up 5 PEOPLE PER POST, including yourself. If a team has more than 5 people playing, then you will need more than one person signing you up. So get it organized ahead of time. Also, this is PART II of the second trilogy so VETERANS of CB:IV get first crack at slots. If you have never played before, this does NOT mean that you wont get slotted, it just means that VETERANS get extra time to post that they want a slot. If you get in, you will understand the team loyalty for this game and why I do it this way.

Two sides this year. Russian Separatists vs. the US/KGB 160 total players Separatists get 90 and the US/ KGB will get 70 Veterans of CB:IV are encouraged to take the same team as last year for continuity sake.

The Field:
The Separatists will start the game owning the entire field. We will be adding at least 2 new buildings up above the road on either side in order to make the field as big as possible and to use it all. Like the last couple of years, we'll be using the expanded field boundaries for movement. The US/ KGB teams will get to walk down before the game starts and will have about 5 different places they can deploy from once the game starts (you'll understand when I give you the scenario in detail).

Scenario (Basic):
Of course you'll get a lot more info when the site goes up but in a nutshell, based off of the ending from last year's game... The Russian Separatists have retreated to an isolated installation with the nukes (2 possibly 3, I'm still working on a couple of logistics). They have threatened to launch them in exchange for money. During the morning hours (before lunch) 10-15 of the separatist team will act as envoys from varying nations bent on wiping out an enemy nation with a launch bribe. They will work with the rest of their team to deliver bribe money but they will act as their own "unit".

The US/ KGB team is hell bent on stopping the launches and the interdiction of the bribe money. Also, over the course of the day, they will be trying to figure out who the three leaders (purely for objectives, not team organization) of the separatist movement are. Through clues they find and some other things, they will try to figure out who the three players on the Russian team are as well as stop the nukes. Should they be successful in certain objectives, the end game will switch around quite dramatically.

I have missions set up like always: Continually running ones, time based ones, opportunity ones, etc. There are a few types that Veterans will recognize, and there are some we are incorporating into game days now. At this time, there are no "change clothes and try to sneak around" type missions set. That may change, it just depends on how the scenario finishes out. There will be no way the Separatists can watch the entire field all day and I have the game set up so that "important areas" will change as the day goes by and depending on what happens prior. Both teams will have to adjust to the field so be ready to keep on yer toes

I have a couple of things in the works for the day, I'm just waiting to see how a couple of things pan out before I tell you about them. Hopefully I'll have that info before the 5th
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Columbian Blend V at Bad Karma.
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